FDA Facebook Games

The Complete Patient has a great blog up today about the FDA’s Facebook page. I especially like the FDA’s post on their wall.

If you want to see the “good stuff” on their Facebook page, forget the Wall and go to Recent Comments. (The Top Posts might be even better!)

Agricultural Chemotherapy

The following question was asked in the January 2011 issue of Acres U.S.A.

When will chemotherapy in agriculture end?

This question was asked in relation to the practice of genetically modifying seed so it can be patented.  They then answered their own question.

When it collapses under its own failing weight.

Modern agriculture is not sustainable.  Where will we be when seeds can no longer be saved for next year’s crop?

Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. – Revelation 18:8 (KJV)

When will we learn where all these chemicals and genetic modifications will lead?

Tractor Spraying in Field








May we repent and turn back from our rape of the land.

RAW MILK RAID: Rawesome Food Club, Venice, CA

Do we have the right to choose our own food in the United States?

On June 30, 2010 the FBI, FDA, CDFA, Health and Human Services and representatives from the DA’s office and the LA Sheriff’s Department raided the Rawesome Food Club in Venice, CA looking for raw milk. Guns were drawn. The vegetables remained unplussed.

This is the police state out of control. Don’t they have real criminals to be concerned about?

EDIT: The LA Times has posted the video in an article:  Raw-food raid highlights a hunger.

Cow Landing Strip

100% overcast, VFR, just below the ceiling!  It should be a good landing!

Cow Landing Strip

Just one more of the amazing things that Jersey cows can do!  ;)

Big News About NAIS

The USDA published a news release today essentially announcing the cancellation of the controversial National Animal Identification System, better known as NAIS. The title of the news release is USDA ANNOUNCES NEW FRAMEWORK FOR ANIMAL DISEASE TRACEABILITY. While the cancellation of the NAIS program is certainly good news, worth celebrating, now is not the time to let up.

It was the voice of the people in opposition to NAIS and the lack of voluntary participation that dealt it the death blow. It is up to those same people, and hopefully more, to watch out that the new framework does not burden us as NAIS would have.

The USDA published a seven-page FAQ sheet called Questions and Answers: New Animal Disease Traceability Framework. It is worth your time to read. In it, the vision for this new traceablility framework is laid out in their answers to the questions. One strategy remains from NAIS, is that it will still be implemented at the state level.

What is certain is that animal disease traceability will be required for animals moving in interstate commerce. However, each State and Tribal Nation will be able to determine the specific approaches and solutions it wants to use to achieve the minimum animal disease traceability performance measures.

It does seem that the federal program will leave small farmers, who only move animals within their own state, alone. Be watchful, however, of your state government programs.

Animals not moved out of state, as well as small producers who raise animals to feed themselves, their families, and their neighbors, are not a part of the framework’s scope and focus.

Much of what was developed for NAIS will be reused.

The money invested in NAIS will not go to waste. Many elements of the NAIS system can be used in this new animal disease traceability framework, should States and Tribal Nations elect to use them.

I don’t want to be overly cynical, as the discontinuation of NAIS is great news! However, I am suspicious that this is simply a repackaging of the whole program.  Of this, I am extremely wary.